Exit the cage of
learned helplessness.


Have you been bullied or abused?
Do you feel trapped? Are you your own worst enemy?

Then you need to exit the cage of learned helplessness.

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You’re not helpless. In fact, from a science perspective, your potential is unlimited. But you can’t repair and heal your brain when you don’t know what’s happened to it.

Learn from scientists what brain-scans show about bullied and abused brains. Don’t worry. Your brain is remarkably adept at recovery when you know evidence-based practices. 

The lasting damage from bullying and abuse is in the brain. The scars are invisible to the naked eye, but visible on brain scans. It’s time to heal as individuals and as a society.  

Learn from scientists how to heal your scars and restore your health.

End Bullying and Abuse - Dr. Jennifer Fraser PhD

All of us want good health, but we forget about how much the brain is a deal-breaker in our holistic well-being. We forget about our brains because we can't see them and we live in a society that does not teach us about our brains. We live in a society that normalizes bullying and abuse. 

In doing the research for The Bullied Brain, I learned from scientists just how amazing our brains are at repair and recovery. I’ve designed an evidence-based program and coaching practice to support you in returning to holistic, joyful health and wellness.

I’m not just PhD who tells you about the research. When I speak with organizations, when I coach, it’s from a place of lived experience, and a belief in the power of story-telling. I was emotionally, physically, and sexually abused by three teachers as a teenager in an outdoor education program. I was one of many victims as the program went on for 10 years.

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When I write, speak, and coach it’s from a place of wanting to share what I suffered and how I learned to heal my neurological scars to restore my health. It wasn’t an easy journey.

I relate to people who have been bullied and abused because I lived it and I was devastated by it until I began learning just how much I could heal my own brain.

You too have the power to repair your brain.

“It is important for audiences of many kinds to understand that psychological trauma, the type most noticeable in bullying, produces biologically measurable damage to specific regions of the developing brain. Jennifer’s interdisciplinary study proposes to describe these in detail, targeted to a broad swath of the interested communities.”

Dr. John Medina
Neurobiologist, author of Brain Rules 2nd ed. 2014