R8 System

Happier Students, Athletes & Employees Leads To Higher Performance & A Culture Of Champions

Research shows that bullying and abuse lead to absenteeism, loss of talent, and lack of productivity. Committing to the R8 System and having your organization work through the 8 courses leads to a healthy, productive environment and retention of talent which positively improves the bottom line.

Changing culture does not happen overnight. It takes time to dismantle an entrenched belief system and to support people as they journey from a normalized world of bullying and abuse to a new way of operating by means of empathy, compassion and mindfulness.
The R8 System is constructed of eight intensive courses that lead individuals and organizations through a step by step process to confidently let go of negative habits and embrace a new psychology of positivity.

R8 System for Organizational Health and Personal Growth


R8 draws on neuroscience and positive psychology to question and re-think outdated, broken systems


Looking through the lens of positive psychology and neuroscience, R8 examines contemporary case studies so that theory becomes practice


R8 levels the playing field and empowers all stakeholders with a safe, anonymous reporting system to act as an early-warning mechanism that keeps leaders and administrators informed and proactive


R8's application of evidence-based practice allows for individuals to transform their conduct by means of a rigorous system of accountability and opportunity for rehabilitation


R8 teaches the transformative power of self-awareness and the impact it has in an organization that understands the influential force of role-modeling


R8 demonstrates, not only the competitive edge to be gained by harnessing empathy, but also foregrounds the significant losses that occur when lack of empathy leads us astray


R8 constructs an evidence-based foundation upon which to build relationships in the moments of one’s life in school, sports, and the workplace


R8 draws on the neuroscience of embodied compassion to foreground the remarkable benefits of proactively caring for self and others

Collaborative, Constructive, Systematic, Dynamic

The system consciously replaces the “blame / shame” paradigm with a new construct of empathy and compassion. The learning outcomes are not about “dos and don’ts.” Instead, organizations that embrace R8 learn why we engage in harmful conduct, how we can avoid such behavior, and what kind of strategies we can implement to enhance the way we treat ourselves, and hence one another.

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"She connected with our audience of youth sports administrators from around the country and on U.S. military bases worldwide by speaking to them, not at them. She was engaging and interesting, and the impact of her session could be seen afterward as numerous attendees lined up to speak with her."

Greg Bach
Senior Director of Communications,
National Alliance of Youth Sports

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