Teaching Bullies

Teaching Bullies tells the story of fourteen students who came forward with detailed testimonies of what they were experiencing at the hands of their teachers on the basketball court. How they were treated by school administrators, lawyers and educational authorities is cause for concern and reveals that the last bastion of accepted abuse may well be sports.

Dr. Fraser presents a series of case studies considering bullying by teachers, coaches, and peers. Creating a childhood free from authority figures who are intimidating, creating trauma, and discouraging is her primary goal. She presents a compelling and readable account of exactly the type of trauma created by harsh teaching and abusive coaching tactics. I hope that her message is accepted by all--to be an academic or athletic success high standards are required, but abuse is not necessary and is counter productive in both the short and long term. Supportive coaches are winning coaches. Supportive teachers are successful teachers. The culture of teaching and coaching needs to change and Dr. Fraser has created a compelling case for change.

Steven R. Shaw, PhD

An important read for coaches, teachers, school administrators, government education regulators and sports psychologists. Anyone associated with sport can appreciate the positive life lessons in hard work and constructive minded coaching. However what happens when lines are crossed, and coaching masked as tough-minded is destructive, abusive? Dr. Fraser explores real life implications of lines crossed and institutional short-comings in addressing such problems. High profile NCAA cases have maybe elevated this conversation some but Dr. Fraser goes further, providing sad real example of how even much younger athletes still endure bad and harmful coaching experiences in high school or club sport levels. Systemically we must do more to protect kids.

George Stockus

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