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Jennifer Fraser speaking in CMHA

Whether delivering a keynote address or speaking to media, listeners are shocked to learn that all forms of bullying and abuse can physically harm brains. The damage can be seen on brain scans. However, as is detailed in The Bullied Brain, the science is not reaching the workplace, schools, or sports organizations.

Jennifer’s consultation with organizations focuses on how we care for brains in organizations. Evidence-based approaches transform outdated environments into healthier, happier, more high-performing spaces.

As a trusted consultant, Jennifer’s work with organizations to courageously address the science and transform environments where bullying or harassing are normalized into spaces where brain health and psychological safety are prioritized, brings remarkable results. Addressing the brain science naturally opens the door to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Outdated bullying dynamics are replaced by healthy interactions. Leaders learn strategies to avoid cover up, commit to brain-fitness, and keep the brains of their employees safe thereby protecting the organization’s health and reputation.

In a moment of historical crisis, where Canada’s sport organizations are being exposed on an international stage as struggling with entrenched bullying, abuse, and cover up, Jennifer has been asked by the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner to offer strategic advice on environment, scoping, and assessment. This is a tribute to the level of trust she has established among the organizations with which she consults.

NAYS Panel 2020 Nov 4-6

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"Our experience working with Jennifer Fraser was simply outstanding. From start to finish, Jennifer contributed professional insight, expertise, depth of knowledge and clarity that was second to none; ensuring a critically important outcome we are all extraordinarily proud of. Approachable, available, current and informed, I would unequivocally recommend Jennifer Fraser to any group seeking to elevate their knowledge, skills and best practises, both at work and at home."

Beckie Scott
O.C., M.S.M., Founder and CEO Spirit North